Month: January 2018

Pizzato Buzzer EROUND Line

Pizzato’s EROUND line of signaling and control devices widens its range with the monolithic buzzer series E6.The buzzer features a high sound intensity that makes a clearly audible signal both from a distance or in very noisy places and it can be purchased in continuous or pulsed sound versions.Designed to be used in hard environmental conditions, its lens is available with or without holes. The version without holes has an IP67 protection rating.The compact shape of the buzzer incorporates all the components necessary for operation. The wiring is now fast and intuitive by the use of screw clamps without needing any further …

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Pro-face by Schneider Electric CANopen & FLEX Network Units

Pro-face by Schneider Electric has released the FLEX Network Master and CANopen Slave Units for the SP5000 Series, allowing you to expand your I/O.  These units feature higher resolution, higher colors, wider temperature range, and better IP rating. Both attach to the backside of an SP500 Series Power Box Module (5B10), allowing easy migration from legacy HMIs.   Pro-face by Schneider Electric CANopen & FLEX Network Units Press Release Pro-face by Schneider Electric Technical Datasheets

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Phoenix Contact IFC DIN Rail Mounting Frame

Phoenix Contact knows how much you love HEAVYCON, so instead of exiling it to the outside of a cabinet, they now offer a new way to connect your HEAVYCON inserts inside, mounted to a DIN rail. The system includes a versatile base-frame assembly that mounts on a standard NS 35/7.5 DIN rail. That base then incorporates four different settings depending on whether you are using inserts designed for B06, B10, B16, or B24 housings. For mating, they offer four different matching top frames that lock onto the base frame. Each different size also includes a tongue to fasten down the …

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