Contract Manufacturing

Steven Engineering guarantees results based on our expansive Contract Manufacturing capabilities and decades of experience as a premier distributor of electronic, electrical, pneumatic components, controls and automation products. Not only can you buy the controls and components you need but we can also assemble the product for you. Our conscientious staff will quickly respond to your needs for customized products and services such as custom engraving, DIN rail, electrical, mechanical and pneumatic distribution assembly. All work is done in accordance with our fully documented procedures, thereby ensuring that we deliver only the highest quality products to you.

Our Offerings 



Steven Engineering affords customers superb service in creating electrical and mechanical assemblies from our extensive stock inventory. From rail and pneumatic assemblies to pushbutton and switch assemblies, Steven Engineering is the best source for your specific assembly requirements.

  • Device Mounting
  • DIN Rail Mounting
  • Components
  • Electrical/Mechanical
  • Harnesses
  • Pneumatics
  • Sensor Termination
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Wire Preparations and Terminations


CAD Capabilities

CAD Capabilities

Steven Engineering has the capability to download CAD/CAM drawings for products on engraving and panel overlay. Drawings are made according to customer specifications to ensure quality.


Enclosure Modifications

Steven Engineering now has the capability to custom configure enclosures to meet all of your requirements. By using the state-of-the-art Steinhauer eCAB ModCenter, we are able to offer an almost endless variety of options to fulfill the most demanding specifications. We have the capability to machine fiberglass, polycarbonate, sheet steel, copper and even stainless steel!

Our CNC center can replicate the exact locations and dimensions of your holes and cutouts. Consider the overall costs of customizing enclosures at your site. When you factor prep time, layout, machining, paint touch-up, as well as the elimination of costly errors, you’ll easily see the value in receiving an enclosure from Steven Engineering that is built to your exact specifications – on time and on budget.



Steven Engineering has the technology to handle your engraving needs, from basic labels, legend plates and nameplates to graphic engraving for control panels. By using a high-resolution scanner or directly reading electronic files, our computerized system enables us to create an accurate digital reproduction of basic labels and nameplates, corporate logos and custom artwork. We also offer reverse engraving in multiple colors of your choice. Click here for more details on our Custom Engraving Services.


Kit Preparation

Steven Engineering will build a kit for you from your list of component parts, then assign it a unique part number. Every kit is then identified with an easy-to-read thermally printed label that incorporates such information as part number(s), description, quantities, and bar code.


Labeling/Special Marking

Steven Engineering can create a variety of labels for a variety of products. Whether for a special rail assembly or to create a unified product label, our staff can customize labels based on your requirements.

  • Bar Coding
  • Component Marking
  • Terminal Block Marking
  • Wire Marking


Pneumatic Assemblies

As a franchised distributor for SMC Pneumatics, Steven Engineering can help you with your pneumatic assemblies. Whether you require the assembly of fittings, manifolds, or valves, or require testing for air leaks, we can meet your requirements based on the specifications you provide us.

Wire Cutting

Wire Cutting/Marking

Steven Engineering has the ability in-house or through numerous partners to terminate, strip and tin, mark, label, or otherwise fulfill your wiring needs.

Call us today with your wire cutting and marking requirements!



With over 35 years of experience in developing a vast array of customer specific services and programs, Steven Engineering has the knowledge and wherewithal to assist in lowering associated costs in all facets of procurement and production.

  • Design/Technical Assistance
  • DIN Rail Cutting and Notching
  • Document Management
  • First Articles
  • Partnerships
    • U.L. Panel Shops
    • System Integrators
  • Project Management
  • Testing
  • Wire Duct Cutting