Crydom, Inc., a Custom Sensors & Technologies company with global operations, is an expert in Solid State Relay and Controls Technology. Crydom manufactures and commercializes two of the most preferred brands of Solid State Relay around the world; Crydom and Crouzet. Crydom offers a wide variety of off-the-shelf Solid State Relays and Contractors, I/O Modules & mounting boards, Controls and Power Modules, and specializes in custom designed solid state switching solutions for any application.; Crydom CAD Drawings – CAD drawings for a wide range of Crydom products are available for download directly from their web site. CAD drawings are available in three different file formats: PDF, DWG and ACIS (SAT).
Crydom FAQ – Browse through answers to common questions for Crydom products.

Crydom SSR Parametric Search – Select the correct solid state relay for your application by using Crydom’s parametric search tool.

Crydom Tech Tips – Crydom has gathered some important technical tips to support their products.

Crouzet SSR FAQ – Find answers to many general questions for Crouzet’s Solid State Relays.

Solid State Relays vs. Electromechanical Relays – Crydom details the value of their solid state relays compared to standard electromechanical relays.

Solid State Relay Life Expectancy – Details on determining the life expectancy of solid state relays.

Total Cost of Ownership Calculator – Calculate the “cost effectiveness” of SSRs and EMRs for your specific application with Crydom’s TCO calculator.

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