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Schneider Electric OsiSense XUY Roller Sensor

Looking for a roller sensor that is fast and simple to install? The OsiSense XUY Roller Sensor from Schneider Electric is the perfect choice! With zero tools, you can mount the roller sensor between rollers. When mounting, you can choose between three mounting solutions: hexagonal 7/16″, ø 8mm, or adhesive supports. This simple installation saves you up to 50% in installation and adjustment time.With reliable infra-red sensing technology, the OsiSense XUY Roller Sensor is ideal for detecting all your package colors. In addition, the sensor is perfect for all types of packages including packets, boxes, pallets and letters of paper, …

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Schneider Electric Harmony XB5R Wireless/Batteryless Push Button Video

Utilizing wireless technology, the Harmony™ XB5R Wireless, Batteryless push button is easy to install in both new and existing applications, such as bottling, packaging, and conveying lines. Now, you no longer need to pass a cable through the machine structure or cable tray to connect the push button to the electrical panel — cutting installation costs by 20% as compared to traditional wired solutions. When the operator pushes the button, mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy, which sends a one-time radio message to the receiver. The batteryless solution offers permanent availability, benefits the environment, and eliminates costly battery maintenance, …

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Pepperl+Fuchs F79 Subminiature Sensor

The Pepperl+Fuchs flat subminiature F79 sensor (16x8x4 mm) is used in a feed conveyor during the manufacture of printed circuit boards (pcb). The sensor monitors the stopping mechanism at the feed system to prevent any congestion and accidental collisions. With the very tight space conditions in the feed conveyor, the miniature F79 sensor is the perfect solution to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the pcb manufacturing production line. Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets Steven Engineering YouTube Channel

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Harting Han-Eco Connectors Video

Versatile use, light weight and lower costs. Han-Eco®, the new HARTING connector family with a plastic housing, combines the high processing quality, safety and reliability of the entire HARTING portfolio with an ideal mix from the familiar and highly flexible Han-Modular® system.

Han-Eco® is predestined for applications that do not need the entire range of product features found in the Han® B housing series — and it simultaneously offers weight and cost advantages. In addition, a higher contact density to housing size ratio is achieved. Like the Han® B standard series, the Han-Eco® series is available in the sizes 6 B, …

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Harting Han-Yellock Connector Video

Han-Yellock® is flexible, offers utmost safety and reliability, unburdens highly complex technical components such as switch cabinets and requires practically no tools for assembly. This new design is an expression of functionality — the Han-Yellock® offers connection technology that matches the surface to the functions. The design is as functional as the exterior is elegant.

The basic ideas behind the Han-Yellock® are amazingly simple, and yet tremendously effective. The Han-Yellock® housing has a split on the cable side. The surface and add-on parts have been designed with an eye to harsh industrial requirements, such as those found in the machine construction …

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Red Lion Controls PAX2A Dual Line Display Meter

Red Lion Controls’ new PAX2A dual line display meter features all of the award winning advanced functions of their original PAX meters, and more. It has a display featuring a 6 digit, 0.7″ (18 mm) top line and 9 digit, 0.35″ (9 mm) bottom line. This allows the top to display the process function while the bottom line has plenty of room to totalize large numbers. The backlight LCD allows the top line to be programmed to display in orange, red and green. The programmable setpoint outputs can also control the color of the display, providing an operator with a …

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Schneider Electric Magelis STU HMI Panel

The Magelis STU HMI from Schneider Electric does more than give you a crystal clear display and control of all that is happening within your control panel — without even opening the door. It also offers a truly impressive, one-of-a-kind design that easily mounts, without tools, directly onto your control panel through a standard push-button opening. This effectively puts a 3.5” screen through a standard 22mm round hole answering the age-old questions of how to put a square peg, through a round hole. Schneider Electric Technical Datasheets Steven Engineering YouTube Channel

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Schneider Electric SoMachine OEM Machine Programming Software

Offering 100% flexibility and optimization, Schneider Electric’s SoMachine software allows the OEM to design, commission and service machines in a single software suite, resulting in a significant competitive advantage. Get to market 25%-40% faster with ONE software environment: one software, one project file, one connection, one download. Schneider Electric Technical Datasheets Steven Engineering YouTube Channel

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Red Lion Controls Crimson 3 Software Video – Web Server Configuration

This Red Lion Controls video presentation demonstrates how easy it is to use Crimson 3.0 software to configure the web server feature that is built into each of their G3 operator interfaces, the SX and GT models of the Modular Controller Master, and the Data Station Plus. The web server is part of the internal hardware of these Red Lion products, so no additional software or modules are needed. Red Lion devices with the web server feature enabled provide a means to access data log files and allow remote viewing and control of all connected devices, from anywhere in the …

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