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Schneider Electric XX Ultrasonic Sensors

Schneider Electric XX Ultrasonic Sensors are ideal for mobile equipment, material handling and conveying, the extended line of sensors includes detection ranges of 1m, 2m, 4m, and 8m, in a straight M30 cylindrical format and 90-degree head versions in selected models for increased flexibility. A high immunity to electromagnetic interference: The new XX ultrasonic sensor line is E2 certified, giving it superior immunity in even the most demanding environments. Detection of small targets and curved surfaces: The new XX sensor’s superior tilt angle and high sensitivity helps detect even the most challenging of targets, including targets previously troublesome to ultrasonic …

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TURCK Ultrasonic Sensors

TURCK is pleased to announce their new family of teachable ultrasonic sensors. The new ultrasonic sensor series from TURCK enables the user to cover large sensing ranges with fewer sensor variants and short blind zones. The sensors are available in 18mm and 30mm barrel housings with sensing ranges from 40cm to 300cm. Designed for rugged industrial applications, these sensors are IP67 rated and an ideal solution for object detection and liquid level applications.In order to offer the right sensor for every application, TURCK has increased the versatility of the individual models. The simple compact version of the RU40 and RU100 modules enables the user …

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Turck Q12 Housing Ultrasonic Sensors

TURCK introduces a new ultrasonic sensor in a compact Q12 style housing that achieves a 40 cm sensing range with an incredibly small 2.5 cm blind zone. The small profile of the sensor allows it to be mounted in narrow spaces, like those found in packaging applications. The sensor is available with retro-reflective and diffuse operation modes, and PNP and frequency outputs. “When compared to TURCK’s other ultrasonic sensors, the Q12 style offers a competitive price without sacrificing quality,” says Melissa Schumann, product specialist with TURCK’s sensors division. The Q12 ultrasonic sensor is IP 67 rated for environmental protection. Turck Q12 Housing Ultrasonic Sensors Turck …

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Banner Engineering T30UX Ultrasonic Sensors

The U-GAGE T30UX Sensor from Banner Engineering delivers all the advantages of conventional ultrasonic sensors, using sound waves to measure distance and detect the presence of targets. With its extended range and advanced temperature compensation, the T30UX ultrasonic sensor solves more challenging applications than ever before. Features T-style right-angle sensor package with popular 30 mm threaded mount Delivers high-accuracy performance with built-in temperature compensation across a wide range of ambient temperatures Offers choice of three ranges for reliable sensing from 100 mm to 3 m Includes models available with a single analog or user-configurable discrete output Uses push-button TEACH-mode programming for simple sensor setup; offers remote TEACH for increased security and …

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Schneider Electric XUV Ultrasonic Label Sensor

The new XUV Ultrasonic Label Sensor by Schneider Electric, with thru-beam technology, detects labels of any material, size and color including transparent labels. The thru-beam technology sends sound through an object to determine the depth of the object by how much sound is returned. Less sound indicates a thicker object while more sound indicates a thinner object.  When the sensor is powered down and turned back on it retains the previous settings and the threshold is easily adjusted by using the +/- keys. The XVU Ultrasonic sensor can also be locked to avoid unnecessary adjustments.  The XUV Ultrasonic Label Sensor …

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Schneider Electric 30mm Virtu Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

The new Virtu™ 30 ultrasonic sensor developed by Hyde Park, a division of Schneider Electric, features sensing ranges from 100 mm ( 3.94″) up to 1 m (39.4″). Virtu’s barrel style body, with its M30 x 1 threaded snout and tough VALOX® housing makes it not only ideal for many OEM applications, but also an unfailing performer for an array of packaging applications, including food and beverage. Virtu™ 30 has teach-in window capability, meaning no downtime is required for sensor recalibration when colors, materials, or shapes change. With protection ratings of NEMA 4X (indoor use only) and IP67, this CE certified sensor is resistant to dust, 100% humidity, most acids and bases, and high pressure washdowns that often leave water buildup …

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