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Phoenix Contact ETD-BL Narrow Timer Relays

Phoenix Contact’s new range of narrow single-function timer relays saves valuable cabinet space. The ETD-BL relays’ housings measure just 6.2 mm, up to 70 percent narrower than conventional timer relays.  The relays have a labeled thumb wheel at the front to ensure precise time settings. To protect against unintentional adjustments, the wheel is recessed into the casing and can be adjusted using a screwdriver. Time settings range from 0.1 to 5 seconds and have four different functions for easy customization.The 24 V DC timer relays transmit output signals by using a floating change-over contact. Equivalent potentials can be quickly connected …

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New Literature from Finder Relays

Finder 2009-2010 CatalogFinder’s 10,000 different products represent one of the most extensive product lines available on the market. They are the result of specialization across a variety of relay types: step relays, light dependent relays, miniature and sub-miniature PCB relays, plug-in general purpose and power relays, relay interface modules, timers, relay and power timers, relay sockets and accessories. Finder Relay Interface Module Selection GuideFinder Relay Interface Modules allow you to combine your relay, socket, clip and LED/suppression module into one part number. This selection guide covers the spectrum of relay interface modules offered by Finder. Order Finder Relays Literature Finder …

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SSAC TDR and TDMB Plug-In Timers Redesigned

Effective November 8th, all SSAC TDR and TDMB Series of plug-in timers will be manufactured using the new Generation II design.  New design benefits include: Universal AC/DC voltage option is added: 24…240 V AC/DC.  New wider DC voltage option is added: 12…48 V DC. The Control/Input LED color changes to Green, same operation. Legacy part number options are still available.  The pre-2008 design is still supported and warranted. SSAC TDR/TDMB Plug-In Timers ABB Low Voltage/SSAC Technical Datasheets

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