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Emerson IA / SolaHD SVL Power Supplies

The SolaHD SVL Series provides the essential features needed for high volume applications where the power supply will be installed in a controlled environment. Typical examples include ATMs, vending machines, building automation, industrial machinery, life sciences and other applications protected from excess shock, vibration or temperature extremes.FEATURES High power density in a small frame – Compact footprint and light weight to fit your machine. Universal input voltage – Adapts to locally available power.  Simple to wire – Easy screw clamp connections. Trouble free mounting – Clips on DIN rail for easy installation. Reliable power – Overload, over voltage and short …

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Emerson/SolaHD SDN-C Power Supplies

SolaHD has introduced two new DIN rail power supplies in the popular line of SDN-C power supplies. Combining a remarkably smaller package with higher efficiency than the existing SDN-P line, these units also have unique visual diagnostic LEDs to show status at a glance. Designed to be a specification-grade unit that can be DIN rail mounted in a control cabinet, the SDN-C units reduce excess heat in the panel due to their high efficiency and Power Factor Correction advanced design. These new 20A and 40A 24V output units are about 50% smaller than the power supply of the previous generation …

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New Literature from SolaHD

Surge Protection and Filtering Employing an entire facility protection strategy will safeguard the electrical system against most transients. Products from SolaHD cover the complete process of multi-stage protection: clamping the initial high energy surge, filtering any remaining noise or transients to the protected sensitive equipment and finally, protecting the data/signal lines entering or leaving the control panel or the factory floor. DIN Rail Mounted Industrial DC UPS The SDU DC uninterruptable power system by SolaHD protects the increasing number of microprocessor-based technologies common in the industrial environment from voltage fluctuations and power failures on the factory floor. Back-up DC power …

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New SolaHD Product Catalog #006

Sola/Hevi-Duty is now SolaHD. SolaHD’s comprehensive line of power supply, power conversion and power protection and conditioning products stretch from entrances to load points to communications networks throughout facilities, making their total power quality solutions indespensible to today’s industries. Total power quality involves both power protection and power conversion. Power conversion choices made upstream can impact the type of power protection required downstream. Only SolaHD’s products and expertise can save you time, money and space with combined power protection and conversion solutions that are right for your facility. Order SolaHD Literature EGS Electrical Group/SolaHD Technical Datasheets

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