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Red Lion Controls PAXDR Dual Rate Meter

Red Lion introduces the newest member of the PAX family: the PAXDR Dual Rate Meter. The meter can measure two different rate inputs as well as calculate and display the ratio, draw or difference of the rate inputs. The meter’s LED display has 0.56″ digits, available in red sunlight readable or standard green. The display intensity is adjustable for low-level lighting conditions up to sunlight readable applications. The PAXDR is a 5-digit Dual Rate Indicator and 6-digit Dual Totalizer in a single meter. Two Rate and two Total displays are provided (A and B), along with two additional calculation displays …

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Red Lion Controls Tutorial Videos Added to YouTube Channel

We’ve added four tutorial videos produced by Red Lion Controls to our Steven Engineering YouTube Channel: Linear Scaling for Analog Input Meters A presentation from Red Lion Controls’ Virtual Help Desk about the basics of linear scaling for their PAX and IM series of analog input meters. Non-Linear Scaling for Analog Input Meters A tutorial from Red Lion Controls’ Help Desk on the basics of non-linear scaling for Red Lion’s PAX series and IM series of analog input meters. Scaling Tutorial for Electronic Counters Red Lion Controls Help Desk tutorial on scaling for electronic counters. Scaling Tutorial for Rate Meters …

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New Products from Red Lion Controls

MLPS2 Power Supply With the addition of the MLPS2, you now have a choice for power supplies when using the CUB5 Series. The existing MLPS1 power supply provides a 12 VDC output and the new MLPS2 offers 24 VDC. Both of these supplies accept 85 to 250 VAC and provide the conversion to DC voltage.  Red Lion MLPS2 Power Supply Technical Datasheet PAXLCR Counter/Rate Meter with Relay Outputs Red Lion is pleased to announce the release of a second meter in our new series of PAX® Lite panel meters featuring setpoint control, the PAXLCR. This meter features two independent counters …

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