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IDEC FT1A Touch 14 I/O HMI+PLC Unit

IDEC announces a new model in its FT1A Touch micro programmable controller series of combo HMI+PLC units, the FT1A Touch 14 I/O. New features make the FT1A Touch 14 I/O suitable for advanced analog monitoring and control, allowing users to economically perform both operator interface and control for a much wider range of applications.Many small scale applications such as simple machines could benefit by using a programmable graphical interface along with a discrete and analog controller and I/O, but don’t have the panel space or the budget for separate components. The FT1A Touch 14 I/O addresses this need by combining …

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Phoenix Contact ILC 170 ETH 2TX Programmable Controller

Phoenix Contact has added the new ILC 170 ETH 2TX to the recently launched PC WorX programmable ILC 100 series. The ILC 170 features two Ethernet ports with a built-in Ethernet switch, eliminating the need for a separate Ethernet switch in certain applications. This makes it easy to daisychain multiple ILC 170 controllers. Unique to the ILC 170 is an optional removable SD card memory, which provides easy program transfer between ILC 170 controllers. The ILC 170 features a large onboard data and program memory (512 KB) and retentive memory (48 KB).  The ILC 170 has eight digital inputs and four digital outputs (500 mA) …

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Two New Products from IDEC

12V DC MicroSmart Pentra Brings Opportunity in the Solar Industry and Vehicle Applications MicroSmart Pentra has always meant speed, flexibility and power for micro-PLC users. Now with the new 12V DC Pentra, IDEC is targeting a new group of customers. Demand for a 12V DC control voltage has grown as solar and vehicle applications gain popularity and require PLCs to match their power sources. With abundant features and unparalled performance, the new 12V DC MicroSmart Pentra is the perfect choice for solar systems, including traffic signs, lighting controls, road sign controls, solar tracking systems, as well as remote water pumping stations, and remote pumping and injection systems for the gas and oil …

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