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Moog Animatics Class 6 EtherNet/IP SmartMotor

Moog Animatics announces the release of the Class 6 EtherNet/IP™ SmartMotor™, which is available in both standard servo and hybrid (high pole count) versions.The EtherNet/IP™ product represents the next step in the evolution of the Class 6 integrated motor design, which includes PROFINET™ and EtherCAT™ versions, and further extends the robust Industrial Ethernet SmartMotor™ feature list with EtherNet/IP™ Position Controller capability, providing: Access to unique SmartMotor™ commands and parameters Improved uptime with optional redundant cabling through Device Level Ring (DLR) Optimal performance ensured through Quality of Service (QoS) Simplified, modular programming through Add-On Instructions (AOIs) Additionally, the EtherNet/IP™ motor includes …

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