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Fortress Interlocks amGard Pro Modular Safety Gate Switch Interlocks

Fortress Interlocks amGardpro is the ultimate range of modular safety gate switch interlocks for heavy duty applications. Its unique modular construction allows easy configuration and provides total electro-mechanical solutions for practically any safeguarding application up to SIL3 (EN/IEC 60261) Category 4 and PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1).With its unrivalled design concept, amGardpro offers a range of fully integrated safety interlocks, including solenoid and non-solenoid safety switches complete with a host of additional options including key control modules, emergency release, redundant sensors, lock out/tag out and push buttons, estops and indication lights for enhanced functionality. The robust construction of this range makes it …

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Fortress Interlocks DMSK Hygienic Safety Interlock

Fortress Interlocks’ mGard DMSK is a robust, full stainless steel single door interlock intended for hygienic areas and suitable for use on all types of doors. The design of the DMSK reduces any areas for bacterial traps so is ideally suited to the food and drink sector or any other harsh application where a wash-down environment is present. Features Minimal design to reduce dirt traps No product handling issues: 4 head rotation angles with an adjustment of 360° at 90° increments Two actuator entry points Full stainless steel assembly Tamper resistant head mechanism Choice of actuator mGard is the ultimate …

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Fortress Interlocks eGard Slide Latch

Fortress has introduced the Slide Latch to its eGard range of modular safety interlocks that regulate access to dangerous machinery. The new eGard Slide Latch is a robust door locking device, for both hinged and sliding doors, that features an integrated tongue so it can be used in conjunction with key modules, safety switches and machine control functions. The Slide Latch handle has a built in lever to release the door lock and allows reliable actuator operation in combination with all door locking eGard configurations. The Slide Latch can easily be mounted onto current eGard configurations by simply mounting the …

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New Products from Fortress Interlocks

Padlockable Dustcover Fortress Interlocks introduces a stainless steel spring-loaded dustcover which incorporates padlocking facilities. It is designed to fit the CL(S), ML(S) and BL(S) locks and can be retro-fitted, if necessary. The large, polished front surface allows for customer text. Two padlock holes are provided which are designed to suit padlocks with shackles which range from 3mm to 8mm in diameter. These can also be fitted with the lockout scissor hasp. Fortress Interlocks Padlockable Dustcover Lockout Scissor Hasp Fortress Interlocks’ lockout scissor hasp is intended to increase the number of padlock holes available to the user. This prevents the machine …

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