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Finder 10A Override Control Module

The Finder 10A Override Control Module is an ideal interface for use in combination with PLCs and other industrial control systems – with manual intervention possibility.  This Override Control Module allows users to manually control critical connected equipment (pumps, blowers, motors, irrigation valves, etc.) when a controller fails – to avoid system damage or downtime. FEATURES Space saving: 11.2 mm wide 24 V AC/DC supply voltage 35 mm rail (EN 60715) mounting LED indication 3 function, easy to operate selection switch: Auto: Controller operates the relay Off: Relay permanently OFF On: Relay permanently ON Feedback contact: signals when switch is not in …

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Finder MasterPlus Multi-Voltage Interface Relays

The new multi-voltage MasterPLUS interface relay from Finder is the latest addition to the popular 39 Series of fully featured interface relays that continue to push the boundaries of flexibility and space saving well beyond that of conventional relays.Specifically, it has a multi-voltage capability to accept an input/coil voltage anywhere between 24 V and 240 V, be it AC or DC, all in the same unit. Additionally, it boasts the option of Push-in terminal technology as well as an optional output fuse module, with or without LED status indicator. This product will offer benefits in applications such as emergency or …

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Finder Relays 84 Series Smart Timer

Finder Relays introduces the newest addition to their control panel components line, the 84 Series SMARTimer offering NFC technology. This new multifunction Digital Timer with two (2) 10 A contacts and two (2) independent channels offers flexibility & easy installation. With a large backlit LCD display for easy viewing of operating parameters. Time range settings from 0.1 seconds through 9999 hours and high precision 4-digit time setting from 000.1 to 9999 units. Programming is smart, flexible, and secure with PIN lockout, while permitting the creation of application specific functionality from the combination of the 25 functions available for each channel. …

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Finder 78.2E Switching Power Supplies

Finder introduces two new switch mode, dual stage, high efficiency power supplies for electrical and electronic applications.  The 78.2E power supplies address the need for low voltage power within industrial automation systems, control and measurement systems, and LED lighting.The two models offer different auxiliary contact switching modes: Positive logic – NO contact closes when power is applied to the unit and remains closed unless there is a serious fault preventing the power supply unit from delivering output current. NO contact closes when an anomaly happens. FEATURES Adjustable output voltage with overload and short circuit protection High efficiency – 93% Dual …

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Finder 70.61 3-Phase Monitoring Relay

Finder has added the new 70.61 model to its line of 3-phase monitoring relays.  These relays reliably detect the loss of phase or incorrect phase rotation.  A compact, 17.5mm wide DIN-rail housing offers a cost and space saving solution.FEATURES Universal voltage monitoring (208 – 480V, 50/60 Hz) Phase loss monitoring, even under phase regeneration Positive safety logic – make contact opens if the relay detects an error 1 CO (SPDT) relay output, 6A (17.5mm wide) 35mm DIN-rail mount European patent pending for the innovative principle at the root of the 3-phase monitoring and error survey system Finder 70.61 3-Phase Monitoring …

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New Literature from Finder Relays

Finder 2009-2010 CatalogFinder’s 10,000 different products represent one of the most extensive product lines available on the market. They are the result of specialization across a variety of relay types: step relays, light dependent relays, miniature and sub-miniature PCB relays, plug-in general purpose and power relays, relay interface modules, timers, relay and power timers, relay sockets and accessories. Finder Relay Interface Module Selection GuideFinder Relay Interface Modules allow you to combine your relay, socket, clip and LED/suppression module into one part number. This selection guide covers the spectrum of relay interface modules offered by Finder. Order Finder Relays Literature Finder …

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