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DF-G2 High Speed Fiber Amplfier Now with Several LED Colors

Banner Engineering’s high speed DF-G2 fiber amplifiers now offer several LED colors to maximize contrast in challenging low-contrast applications. For example, a green LED generates more signal difference (i.e. contrast) when detecting a red mark on a white background than a red LED can generate. White, green, blue and infrared LED colors are available to cover the broadest range of applications. The IR LED model is especially useful with “T5” terminated glass fiber assemblies and provides almost two times more detection range than the red LED.The DF-G2 series is the high-speed version of the DF-G fiber optic amplifier family. The …

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Phoenix Contact M12 Fiber Optic Cabling System

Phoenix Contact has introduced the first M12 fiber optic connection system for plastic optical fiber (POF), polymer clad fiber (PCF) and glass optical fiber (GOF).  The small footprint of the M12, combined with fiber optic technology, provides quick and reliable connectivity, as well as high data transmission speeds. These products are designed to perform in harsh industrial conditions such as wet, dirty, dusty or hot environments, or when exposed to vibrations, shocks or EMC.  Integrated transceivers allow direct connection to the PCB for all fiber types.  The new M12 fiber optic system is the first active optical interface with the …

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Banner Engineering Overmolded Flex Relief Plastic Fibers

Banner Engineering’s new plastic fiber assemblies provide additional resistance to fiber damage or breakage in high flex environments. The PVC flex relief ensure a minimum bend radius at the fiber to ferrule transition. A flex life of > 10, 000 cycles is typical. Sensing range is the same to the equivalent non-flex relieved fiber assembly, except for the smallest fiber core. The fibers also have higher tensile pull resistance than non-overmolded design which helps reduce accidental damage to the fibers. Features Provide additional resistance to fiber damage or breakage in high flex environments. Stainless steel threaded ferrule and stainless steel …

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Pepperl+Fuchs ML17 Fiber Optic Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces ML17 Tru-Vue™ series photoelectric sensors for fiber optic sensing. ML17 Tru-Vue fiber optic sensors feature a compact housing (29 mm depth) with a typical sensing range of 100 mm+ for diffuse fiber optic cables, and 400 mm+ for thru-beam fiber optic cables.  These fiber optic sensors can be easily mounted via an industry-standard M18 threaded snout or thru-holes. Diffuse and thru-beam plastic fiber optic cables are secured to the sensor by an innovative quarter-turn locking mechanism. An assortment of fiber optic cables to suit specific application needs are available.  As with the rest of the Tru-Vue photoelectric sensors, …

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