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Pepperl+Fuchs F1 Compact Inductive Sensor The Pepperl+Fuchs compact F1 inductive sensor monitors the critical areas on a transport conveyor at a mechanical stopper. The sensor checks for the presence of tool carriers near the stopper and at the transfer unit to prevent any accidental collisions. This use of the F1 inductive sensor ensures smooth operation and minimizes conveyor downtime. Pepperl+Fuchs SBL8 Photoelectric Sensor Pepperl+Fuchs SBL8 photoelectric sensors prevent product damage caused by a congested conveyor. In this application, a queue leads to a roller conveyor. In this queue, it is important that the containers are transported without pressure, which means …

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Federal Signal Product Selection Catalog

In terms of light and sound output, Federal Signal products set the standards for quality and performance. There simply is no equal to Federal Signal when it comes to the optic and acoustic components or engineering expertise that goes into every product design. Covered in this catalog are safety products such as visual and audio signals, outdoor warning systems, fire alarms and alarm initiating devices, along with audio communication devices such as intercoms, public address systems and telephony. Order Federal Signal Catalog Federal Signal Technical Datasheets

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