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Crouzet/CST Millenium 3 AC7 Software Version 2.5

Products in the Millenium 3 range are simple to program using the new AC7 software workshop, available as a free download. In this way, professionals who are not automation engineers are able to install simple or even advanced control systems. Millenium 3 users should update their AC7 software workshop with version 2.5 (still free of charge). Only this new version can be used to program controllers manufactured after June 2011, as they will have new built-in electronic components, guaranteeing enhanced performance! “The launch of the version 2.5 software workshop marks a major step forward in terms of user-friendliness, explains André …

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CST / Crouzet Limit Switch Changes and Obsolescence

Effective immediately, Custom Sensors and Technologies is making the following changes to their limit switch series: All manual reset limit switches have been made obsolete (part numbers beginning with 83854, 83855, 83856 and 83857). Case color of the 83851, 83852, 83861 and 83862 series of limit switches will change from red to grey. Many of the limit switches in the 83852, 83853 and 83862 series will be phased out, replacing the 1/2″ NPT conduit fitting with the metric (PG13.5mm) fitting. Custom Sensors and Technologies Technical Datasheets

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CST / Crouzet Millenium 3 Logic Controller Brochure

With Crouzet’s new Millenium 3, you can take advantage of all the most recent developments in the latest generation of logic controllers. Crouzet has expanded its Millenium 3 Standard logic controller with new software functions and accessories. Millenium 3 Custom logic controllers offer solutions for specific applications, or for use in severe environments. Order CST Literature CST Technical Datasheets

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