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Crouzet Millenium 3

Crouzet Millenium 3 is the logic controller of choice for 10+ years.           FEATURES Quick, simple and intuitive programming requires no specialist knowledge Self-teaching made easier thanks to a user-friendly online help guide and programming examples A simulation mode that consistently represents controller operation A complete range of basic functions: counting, timing, comparison, display, logic, gain, sin/cos, etc are also available A wide range of dedicated functions: pump rotation, PID regulation, movement, pressure, level, water ratio, solar tracking, and flow Available in 5 languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish Function block programming is fun and …

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Crouzet’s Communicating Logic Controller

Crouzet introduces the new communicating logic controller for all your small-scale applications. And with the 4 ways of communication between Ethernet, Modbus, USB and Bluetooth, you can use two at the same time (Ethernet + one of the other ways).FEATURES Control at a distance: With the new Crouzet Virtual Display, you can access EVO’s front control face from you PC, laptop, or mobile devices. Monitor your applications: Measure and record key parameters of your installation and periodically receive datalogs in .csv file by e-mail or FTP server. Also, to get regular status updates or alarm notifications, you can program them …

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