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Bussmann by Eaton Arc flash relay system

Bussmann by Eaton Arc flash relay system helps improve worker safety and maximize electrical assembly uptime by quickly detecting and clearing faults faster than traditional methods. Featuring installed arc flash relay modules and sensors, the system is designed to rapidly detect and clear even the most difficult forms of arc flash events in both low voltage and medium voltage electrical assemblies. FEATURES An innovative module system allows for simple integration into electrical assemblies Sensitive light inputs detect low power phase to ground arc faults The relay’s configurable setup offers optional system selectivity, opening the circuit breaker closest to the arc …

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Bussmann by Eaton Enclosed CCP-CF now available up to 100 amps

    Bussmann by Eaton’s Compact Circuit Protector for Class CF CUBEFuse is available enclosed for 30, 60 and 100 amp versions Earlier this year, they launched the 30 amp CCP-CC and both the 30 and 60 amp CCP-CF as enclosed disconnects. This month, they’re pleased to add the 100 amp CCP-CF to our enclosed offering. The compact NEMA enclosures they offer provide an easy solution for both retrofit and new installations. These are available with a black/grey or red/yellow handle for disconnecting means, and support a 2- or 3-pole CCP. It’s easily applied as an “in-sight disconnect means” for …

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Bussman Next generation CCP for Class CCP, supplemental and 10x38mm fuses

The revolutionary next generation BussmannTM series Compact Circuit Protector (cat. no. CCP2) for UL Class CC, UL supplemental and IEC 10×38 mm fuses delivers the smallest footprint compared to any Class CC disconnect solution — requiring up to 38% less space. The next generation CCP features through-the-door and through-the-side operation flexibility, a multi-wire lug kit with terminal shrouds to reduce wire connection and control panel components, and optional selector and pistol handles. And it still packs up to a 200 kA short-circuit current rating to help increase equipment SCCR. Bussman Next generation CCP for Class CCP Press Release Bussman Datasheets

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Cooper/Bussmann CUBEFuse for UPS

The new Cooper/Bussmann Finger-Safe Fast-Acting CUBEFuse® offers superior protection for UPS and critical applications, in a footprint that is up to 75% smaller than other competitive models. FEATURES Fast-acting protection specifically for UPS and other critical applications Finger-safe fuses minimize exposure to live parts, reducing hazard to personnel Integral use with Compact Circuit Protector (CCP) or CUBEFuse holder minimizes panel space Minimizes incident energy and reduces arc-flash hazards utilizing Class J electrical characteristics Available in Cooper Bussmann Quik-Spec Coordination Panelboard for easy installation in the smallest fusible panel footprint Cooper/Bussmann CUBEFuse for UPS Cooper Industries Technical Datasheets

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