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Baldor Servo Drives Now Compatible with Multiple Ethernet Standards

Baldor Electric Company (NYSE: BEZ) is announcing even greater flexibility for one of the most versatile servomotor drive ranges in the world. The e100 drive family has been re-engineered to become compatible with no less than three industrial Ethernet standards – EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and Powerlink – as well as standard TCP/IP networks and Baldor’s own highly popular Mint system building environment. The drives offer system builders a choice of servomotor, closed-loop vector or V/Hz motor control modes, combined with an array of features and configuration options that provide exceptional versatility of use. The new drives are versions of Baldor’s …

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Baldor Mint Lite Programmable Motion Drives

Mint Lite offers all the multitasking language power of Baldor’s Mint motion controllers in single axis form and is now offered as standard on all e100 drives, free of charge or license fees. Mint Lite transforms the Ethernet ready MicroFlex and MotiFlex e100 drives, into powerful intelligent drive systems assuming complete control of the drive on-board I/O, communications, and Ethernet networking features, offering the potential for significant cost savings in indexing drive applications or advanced distributed intelligence in real-time Ethernet solutions. Features: Mint Lite is completely free, including Mint Workbench, Mint ActiveX components No runtime license fees Motion features including …

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Baldor Digital Servomotors and Drives in Plasma Cutter Application

Baldor high performance digital servomotors and drives used on all four axes Fort Smith, AR, January 11, 2010 – Techserv Cutting Systems Ltd, the specialist manufacturer of CNC profile cutting systems, has delivered four HS 4000 hi-definition precision plasma cutters to the UK’s Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA). Each cutter employs an advanced fully-synchronized four axis motion control system – based entirely on Baldor Electric Company digital servomotors and drives – to provide the precision of movement needed for tight tolerance, large-scale profile cutting. The plasma cutters are being used to help fabricate the steel plate bow sections of two new …

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Baldor TCP/IP-Compatible Drives Simplify Development of Advanced Crane Simulator

PC-controlled 3-axis motion platform adds further realism to training experience Fort Smith, AR, February 1, 2010 – A three-axis motion platform based on Baldor Electric Company’s Ethernet-compatible drives is helping to further increase the realism of crane training experience by physically moving a simulator system’s replica operator cabin in synchronism with computer-generated images. The specialist machine manufacturer Electropneumatics & Hydraulics developed the motion platform for the leading training solutions and services supplier Applied Research International (ARI). Based in New Delhi, India, ARI produces a comprehensive range of simulators for marine and allied applications. Its products include a wide variety of …

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New Literature Available from Baldor

Due to our newly formed partnership with Baldor, we are offering the following brochures to get you better acquainted with Baldor’s wide range of motion control products: AC Drives Solutions Baldor V*S range of industrial AC drives defines quality, reliability and performance. Utilizing easy-to-use interfaces and intuitive programming, V*S High Performance Drives, Pump and Fan Drives and Microdrives have the capability to meet any application need. AC Servo Drives Baldor offers a wide choice of cost effective and easy to use servo drives. Whether your needs call for control of speed or torque, preset point-to-point moves, or a fully programmable …

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Baldor/Reliance Stock Product Catalog

Baldor/Reliance large motors are trusted to get the job done! Designed and built for superior reliability, energy savings and rugged performance, Baldor/Reliance is the preferred choice. With ratings to 1500 Hp delivered from stock and the shortest lead-times available for custom motors to 15,000 Hp, no application is too tough for Baldor/Reliance motors. Order Baldor Literature Baldor Technical Datasheets

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