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Baldor Digital Servomotors and Drives in Plasma Cutter Application

Baldor high performance digital servomotors and drives used on all four axes Fort Smith, AR, January 11, 2010 – Techserv Cutting Systems Ltd, the specialist manufacturer of CNC profile cutting systems, has delivered four HS 4000 hi-definition precision plasma cutters to the UK’s Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA). Each cutter employs an advanced fully-synchronized four axis motion control system – based entirely on Baldor Electric Company digital servomotors and drives – to provide the precision of movement needed for tight tolerance, large-scale profile cutting. The plasma cutters are being used to help fabricate the steel plate bow sections of two new …

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Baldor TCP/IP-Compatible Drives Simplify Development of Advanced Crane Simulator

PC-controlled 3-axis motion platform adds further realism to training experience Fort Smith, AR, February 1, 2010 – A three-axis motion platform based on Baldor Electric Company’s Ethernet-compatible drives is helping to further increase the realism of crane training experience by physically moving a simulator system’s replica operator cabin in synchronism with computer-generated images. The specialist machine manufacturer Electropneumatics & Hydraulics developed the motion platform for the leading training solutions and services supplier Applied Research International (ARI). Based in New Delhi, India, ARI produces a comprehensive range of simulators for marine and allied applications. Its products include a wide variety of …

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