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Banner Engineering PBL46U Diffuse Mode Plastic Fibers

Banner Engineering’s new PBL46U diffuse mode plastic fiber offers increased range and immunity to dust, dirt, and other environmental challenges. This provides tremendous flexibility in deployment and ensures reliable performance in difficult conditions with minimal downtime for cleaning and maintenance. Used with a DF-G Series fiber amplifier, this fiber optic becomes a very powerful, very compact diffuse mode sensing solution with all the features and capabilities associated with the amplifier, including timing and IO-Link communication.FEATURES Integrated emitter and receiver lenses with a bright, well-defined visible spot simplifies installation and alignment Included sliding mounting bracket enables additional adjustments to the fibers …

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IDEC RV8H Class I, Div. 2 Interface Relays

New IDEC 14mm RV8H interface relays offer a UL listed Class I Division 2 rating, designed for use in hazardous locations. Expanding on our existing relay selection, these slim relays are suited for controls used in applications such as oil and gas equipment, panel building, refineries, painting and mixing chambers, mining, waste water treatment and other locations that require high switching capability in a compact space.FEATURES Class I, Division 2 and Class I, Zone 2 Hazardous Location options Lever for easy locking and removal of relay Only 70mm in height from DIN rail Gold-plated contacts Pre-assembled relay and DIN mount …

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