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Banner Engineering K30 Pick-to-Light Sensors

Banner Engineering’s K30L is a rugged, miniaturized, and easy-to-install pick-to-light solution to aid in error-proofing and lean manufacturing. The miniaturized package allows it be used with smaller bin sizes where space is at a premium. FEATURES Rugged, cost-effective and easy-to-install solutions for error proofing and parts-verification applications Illuminated dome provides an easy-to-see green job light; some models also light red for alternate operation Waterproof IP65 construction for washdown environments Compact devices are self-contained – no controller needed Immune to EMI and RFI interference 12 to 30V dc operation Cabled and Quick Disconnect models available Banner Engineering K30 Pick-to-Light Sensors Banner …

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Emerson/SolaHD SDN-C Power Supplies

SolaHD has introduced two new DIN rail power supplies in the popular line of SDN-C power supplies. Combining a remarkably smaller package with higher efficiency than the existing SDN-P line, these units also have unique visual diagnostic LEDs to show status at a glance. Designed to be a specification-grade unit that can be DIN rail mounted in a control cabinet, the SDN-C units reduce excess heat in the panel due to their high efficiency and Power Factor Correction advanced design. These new 20A and 40A 24V output units are about 50% smaller than the power supply of the previous generation …

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Red Lion Controls Crimson 2 Software Supports PAX2A Meters

The latest release of Red Lion Controls’ Crimson 2 software now includes the new PAX2A panel meter. In addition to the easy front panel key programming of the PAX2A, you can now program the meter with simple mouse clicks and drop down menus via the built-in USB port. Eight simple programming windows step you through various parameters such as input set-up, display format, and output control, just to name a few. The program file can be saved on a computer allowing for later recall. You can also extract an existing program from a meter and save it. The program can …

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Pepperl+Fuchs LS680 Optical Data Couplers

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces LS680 Series Optical Data Couplers. With speeds from 33 up to 50 times faster than competitive models, the LS680 is uniquely capable of transmitting signals, such as live video and other communication information, that were previously unavailable in material handling applications. Additionally, the LS680 has no operating controls such as push buttons, switches, or potentiometers, and requires no programming, making it a true tamper-proof, plug-and-play solution. “Live video can be very helpful for maintenance, diagnostics, and feedback, especially for very remote or inaccessible locations, like high bays in a warehouse,” says Jeff Allison, Product Manager. “In the past, …

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Harting Han-Eco Connectors Video

Versatile use, light weight and lower costs. Han-Eco®, the new HARTING connector family with a plastic housing, combines the high processing quality, safety and reliability of the entire HARTING portfolio with an ideal mix from the familiar and highly flexible Han-Modular® system.

Han-Eco® is predestined for applications that do not need the entire range of product features found in the Han® B housing series — and it simultaneously offers weight and cost advantages. In addition, a higher contact density to housing size ratio is achieved. Like the Han® B standard series, the Han-Eco® series is available in the sizes 6 B, …

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Harting Han-Yellock Connector Video

Han-Yellock® is flexible, offers utmost safety and reliability, unburdens highly complex technical components such as switch cabinets and requires practically no tools for assembly. This new design is an expression of functionality — the Han-Yellock® offers connection technology that matches the surface to the functions. The design is as functional as the exterior is elegant.

The basic ideas behind the Han-Yellock® are amazingly simple, and yet tremendously effective. The Han-Yellock® housing has a split on the cable side. The surface and add-on parts have been designed with an eye to harsh industrial requirements, such as those found in the machine construction …

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Pepperl+Fuchs G10 AS-Interface Modules with Connect & Done Technology

Pepperl+Fuchs’ G10 family of ultra-compact I/O modules with Connect & Done technology can eliminate mounting requirements in many applications. The G10 family is the world’s smallest AS-Interface I/O module with IP68/69K protection; at just 40 mm x 27 mm x 22 mm, the G10 fits easily into any cable duct and enables quick, convenient sensor connections using the integrated M12 pigtails. “With its tiny footprint, this exceptionally robust module allows mounting in the most space-confined applications. In fact, simply placing the G10 I/O module inside the cable tray may eliminate mounting entirely – that’s the power and simplicity of ‘connect …

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Pepperl+Fuchs F79 Subminiature Inductive Sensors

Now available from Pepperl+Fuchs is the F79 subminiature inductive sensor with PVC cable or with M8 pigtail. These miniature inductive sensors now offer customers three different connections. The F79 sensor connects via three individual wire leads, black PVC cable, or PVC pigtail with M8 connector. Product Features Subminiature surface mount Single screw mounting 1.5 mm nominal sensing range Switching frequency to 1200 Hz 500 mm PVC cable or 100 mm PVC pigtail Pepperl+Fuchs F79 Subminiature Inductive Sensors Pepperl+Fuchs Technical Datasheets

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